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  1. Thank you for your suggestion. I have attempted, yet again, to master tags and have, yet again, failed. Tags to me are the equivalent of taking a thousand file folders, painstakingly labeling each and every one, in my case with at least three different keywords or titles, and then throwing them all in a giant pile in the middle of the floor. I recognize I can search for a keyword and pull a single folder out of that file, but I can do that with anything, and I rarely need to perform such an action. More likely, I would like to see how many issues a certain person has discussed with me which is easily determined by clicking on the plus sign on a tree next to the person's name, as opposed to doing an entire tag search which I have discovered also turns up any discussions during which I used Person A's name while speaking with Person B all of which I would need to mentally weed out in the count. Tags also do nothing when ordering the notes. I like them from earliest to most recent, bottom to top, and I cannot get the tags to pull up a search in that order without physically changing the created/updated time stamps on everything. I was timestamping everything with the date and time of the conversation but then if I find an error in a note, and correct it, now I have to change the timestamp again to make sure it falls in between 2 other notes. In OneNote, I can arrange the pages in any order I want and they stay there. Even if I go back to a previous conversation and edit or add to it, the page doesn't move so I determine any trends throughout the year. After much deliberation I have decided that the trees are indeed a deal breaker for me and are more important to me than the sync function after all. I have begun transferring everything over to OneNote. After updating all of my machines to the most current version I may have also accidentally fixed my syncing issue as well.
  2. Thank you for the suggestion. I tried using the tags feature and did not like it. Tags do not create the visual organization I'm looking for. I like the trees. Thank you for the suggestion. I will look into DEVONThink. I enjoyed the traditional tree hierarchy design in OneNote and would have made the full transition from Evernote, which I've used for years, to OneNote if the syncing function across devices was more reliable. The online version is passable but the offline apps don't sync well. I apologize for my redundancy. If this is something that has been requested "ad nauseam" with no plans to provide it then I will continue my search for the program that fits all of my needs. Thank you.
  3. Evernote is clearly superior to OneNote in the ability to sync across platforms and devices, which is why I use it, but there is one major difference that I wish Evernote would adopt, besides being able to be pretty and colorful instead of drab gray, and that is the sublevel within the notes. OneNote has the Notebook, then Sections (and even Section Groups which is really great), then Pages. This was great for what I need it for in my work. I can create the Notebook as the Organization with which I communicate/have meetings with etc, the individual person as the Section and then a different page for each topic we discuss and keep a running record of how an issue is progressing that is easy to locate. Evernote has a different hierarchy structure that is not as helpful. Evernote has Notebook Stacks, then Notebooks, then Notes which isn't the same type of organization because it creates a more cumbersome visual in the left sidebar. I would have to make the Organization the Stack, then give each person their own Notebook, then create a new Note for each topic discussed. That's chaos on the left side when it's all said and done when you meet with hundreds of people over nine organizations any given year. So now, I just have the Organization as the Notebook. Each person and topic together are a new note which means everything is just thrown together in the same window which puts the chaos in the main window which is not ideal but better than putting it all on the left. This means every time I talk to someone about an issue, have a meeting etc, even if it is the same person I've spoken with before about something else, it's a new note and there is no way to group similar notes under one heading in the main window without making a new notebook. All of this to say that I would love Evernote to add another organizational layer under the Note
  4. In the note list in the center, in either snippet or card, in bright green text is the last date/time I update the note. That information is irrelevant to me and the visual is very distracting. I would like to either turn that off or change that to the date it was created, which is relevant to me. Better yet, since I use evernote to transcribe meetings and phone conversations, I would like that green text to be when the meeting/phone conversation started. Right now, I have to type the note, which could be the next day, then manually change the "Created" date to when the meeting/conversation happened so I can sort the notes in chronological order. Any thoughts or ideas?
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