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  1. Hi, i contacted, as gazumped recommend, EN Support and ask there. They cant help me also, but today i received again from the support a mail to downiad the new scannable app 2.2. it seems, the problem is fixed, all is fine right now!
  2. thx for your help!
  3. every picture taken with the normal device camera is fine. i haven taken several pictures with scannable with automatic flash in automatic mode, the same reaction as described. no picture,its empty. now i've tried, to take several pictures in landscape modus, two sides in one go, this works. then i took again a single page => blank! only the moleskin book. i've no idea with this. thanks for your help
  4. i'v tried this out: i've taken several pictures with scannable with different things, a folder, advertising, a letter, an other write book i use. in the same process, i took a picture of my moleskine, the page is blank. all other files are ok. my app is in german so the settings are: no flash, capture is automatic. what i figured out, is, when i took the picture manually without a frame around the book, it doesn't work. if i took the next picture in the same session without a frame around, this works. next picture with a frame or lets say space around, so i can see the desktop, it doesn't work.
  5. hi, Scannable shots a full written page in my moleskin, and than, the page is blank. restart scannable doesn't help. any ideas? iphone 5 SE (new), iOS 10.1.1., scannable 2.1.1 (922) Thx Greet froom Vienna/Europe Alexander
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