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  1. I'm a premium member and I have 8GB of RAM and a SSD and still the program freezes constantly at inopportune times. Every day there is a program download and everyday the same thing constant freezing (NOT responding) so I have to close and open the program sometime three time or more when researching to write one paragraph. It hasn't always been like this.
  2. This is a well-known and reported Evernote issue. Evernote definitely needs to fix it. Until they do, I have observed from reports in these forums that this issue, and performance in general, can be greatly helped by making either/both of two hardware changes: Increase RAM to a total of 8GB or more.Replace the normal spinning hard drive with SSD (Solid State Drive)Both of these will not only improve Evernote performance, but the performance of your OS and all apps running on it. I have 8GB of RAM and a SSD and still it freezes constantly at inopportune times
  3. Nothing has changed Evernote updates way too much for no apparent reason.
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