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  1. Hello. Currently it is not possible to view photos on Evernote for Android in full screen view. The menu (black border on top) limits the size of the photo. Especially when you view a photo in landscape mode, the size of the photo is very limited on some devices. The photo is shrinked, so that the menu is visisble at every time. To keep the ratio of the photo, the right and left borders of the screen are even completely black. This is much wasted space. Every customer schould be able to see his own photos in full screen size, without been forced to leave Evernote for this. My suggestion: Show the photo in full screen size, but when the user taps one time on the screen, then show the menu for more options. Thank you. Marcel.
  2. Yes, this would be good. The current problem: Even if you zoom in into the picture it does not grow. The thick menu at the top stays there and the picture goes behind it. Currently there is no chance to see a picture in full screen size with Evernote. You can only send it to another app and then see it there.
  3. Hi Gaz, this was not my issue. I don't need a gallery and I don't need to edit or manipulate my picutres, I want to be able to see my pictures/scans without wasting 1/2 of my screen. Look at the example to see what I mean. All red marked spaces are wasted. This picture is made from this phone and normally fits exactly the screen. By the way: When you export a picture you are not able to edit/undo skitch-annotations any more.
  4. Currently it is only possible to view a small photo with a menu above the photo. When tapping on the photo the menu should disappear and the photo should be shown in full view. It is really strange that there is no way to see a photo (or slide through them) in full view. Marcel.
  5. When I wipe through my evernote-photos on android then I ever see a menu at the top of the screen. This means, the photos are never shown in full screen view. Is there a way to hide this menu and see the photos in full screen view? Marcel.
  6. I mean the sync-button in the left menu (the menu that you can swipe in) and there it is placed at the bottom. For me this sync-button it is a little to hidden compared to the share-button that is present all times at the top of the screen.
  7. I need the sync-button many times per day so I have to open the menu to see and press this button every time. The share-button is constantly visible at the top of the screen but sharing a note is a thing that I do only one time in a year. Are there people that share notes more often than syncing the notes? I guess no. I know that it is possible to auto-sync every x minutes but an additional manual sync is needed in many situations. So it could be a good idea to switch the position of this buttons. Even better: In other Android apps you can start the sync-process by simply pulling the list of items down. So there is no need for a sync-button any more. This could be a comfortable solution also for evernote on android. Thanks.
  8. How to reproduce: Create a note with some attachments (with a free line between every single attachment) Edit this note Close this note and edit this note again → Every time when you change the note there are more free lines between all attachments. This bug is existing since a few years in the old web version (the reason why I don't us it any more because I need many attachments). I hope this will be fixed in the new web version.
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