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  1. The new Web based interface, currently in Beta testing, is horrible. Horrendous. Terrible. It discards essential functionality, for example, it removes (or hides very well) the ability to link text to an URL. Now, in the 21st century, a note-taking service which does not allow linking text to an URL is useless. Seriously, notetaking in the 21st century without links? I t a l s o w a s t e s s p a c e. Evernote is known for its utilitarian aesthetic, where the emphasis is put on content; the new Web interface sacrifices content in favour of oceans of white space. And the fonts! The fonts! They are gray, not black. They are some designer's idea of "good", not the plain generic sans-serif. Why? Please Evernote, reconsider your design goals, or make them explicit and allow the users to choose between industrial functionality and postindustrial beauty. Allow the users to choose between a full-feature Web interface, and a reduced-functionality interface for use on low-end mobile devices. (But please, don't force the reduced-functionality interface when you detect a mobile browser; some of us do use 10 inch tablets, thank you.)
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