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  1. Hi. It would be great if note title is saved as part of a template, i.e. instead of opening a template returning a note with an Untitled title, I would like to have a basic title inserted automatically that I can then edit, e.g. by adding a date reference.
  2. Thanks, DTLow. I never would have thought of looking there - because the Share button to my mind always involves some kind of export. I was only looking for a way to copy a not link in order to link to it from another note somewhere else, i.e. within the app (like I do routinely on the Mac). Anyway, thanks for solving the problem for me. I do hope that Evernote, however, duplicates the function to the "..." menu within each note for use within the app itself. Would be much more intuitive and the app would suffer no loss in performance.
  3. Dear Evernote. Why isn't there an option to copy and work with a note link in the iOS version? Or am I missing something? Please add this functionality! If I can't perform the same tasks on iOS as my Mac, the product isn't as useable. Thanks...
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