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  1. Yea. I think I'm in the process of making this move as well. OneNote does seem to lend itself to better organizational approaches and I'm more confident that it's going to remain a viable note app while EndNote execs seem to have no interest at all in reassuring its user base that it's going to maintain EndNote as a usable note management app. OneNote doesn't capture from the web as well, but it does let me copy and paste and its formatting is much more consistent and understandable than EN's. It also makes tagging more complicated, but its search engine is much more accurate than EN's.
  2. I just watched this "talk" and you have got it so right: Evernote has got it so wrong. For this user, at least, and for other users like me, the direction they are taking is just completely wrong. Listening to him saying that for six years they've tried to figure out what the web client is for tells me he and his group seem completely clueless. To think that Evernote somehow is going to replace Word or PowerPoint as production tools shows a complete lack of understanding of how people actually use their computers to get work done. And now adding "chat" to their product?!? I mean, WTF? Yeah, for informal social communication lots of folks are enamored of "sharing" every little bit of their lives with everyone else in the world. However, as a professional, my reality is that I take very good care that I work and rework my documents and presentations until they are highly polished and only then do I want to "share" that work with anyone. And while I'm doing that the LAST thing I want in my working environment is the chance that I'm going to accidentally click something that then "shares" my imperfect working draft with the rest of the world. I also have very little interest in some "chat" feature that will pop up while I'm working and take my mind off what I'm doing. I want my working process and my "sharing" process to be completely separate from each other until I actively make the decision that I am now ready for my work to be "shared." Listening to Libins (and reading the overwhelming push back they're getting on this forum) makes me think he and the Evernote developers really have no interest at all in how many of us work.
  3. Yeah. Didn't fix the major problem: you can't see your stuff without doing extra work! You're also still stuck with someone else's idea of what we use Evernote for by the insistence that the first thing you should see is a place to create a new note. Not useful.
  4. Reminders are integrated into the top of the note views for the other clients that I use already (Windows, Android, old web client). I kinda prefer them that way, actually. They follow the current note filter. They're there if I want to focus on to-dos, but I can always collapse the reminder sub-list if I want to. They act like any other note, in that if you click on it, the note list slides to the left to make room for the note viewer / editor. Not sure what an appreciably better arrangement would be. It would be appreciably better if the note list didn't disappear unless the user *chose* to make it disappear. The context of my notes within lists and within notebooks is vitally important to me. Having them disappear only to reappear if I click on the correct icon is not functional for me.
  5. Seeing as EN's search feature is so frustratingly literal, a search bar is sufficient ONLY if you remember some EXACT text that is in a note. Being able to see an entire list of notes and an entire list of notebooks lets those of us who don't have photographic memories scan through notes and notebooks to hunt down information. A simple search bar, especially one as limited as EN's can never fully replace the need to see things in context.
  6. So good to see someone else finds EN's searching algorithms are seriously lacking. EN's search is so incredibly literal and, unlike Google and other more up to date approaches, can't seem to find anything except what you type in letter for letter.
  7. Most of this says nothing at all about the functionality of EN. It "feels" more modern, if "feels" faster and smoother, the view is "much clearer." Ok. Great. But if all it does is "feel" better that doesn't make it better. Windows 8 "feels" "modern and now" and it's a complete disaster for those who actually need to get work done. I'm afraid EN is swallowing the "modern" kool-aid and not learning very well from how desperately Mickeysoft is now trying to roll back its Windows 8 folly.
  8. Because I don't really use EN to WRITE things! If I want to write things I use Word. I use EN to jot down short ideas or, much more often, to clip information from the internet and then, MOST important, to FIND stuff I've jotted down or clipped! Just having a big white screen that defaults to create a note is almost completely useless to me. I need to see information and I need to see it in the context (notebook and collections of notebooks) in which I created it. The current beta makes most of what I like about EN and use in EN much, much more difficult. If this becomes the default I will certainly be finding something else to manage my information.
  9. I'd have to weigh in against this new, much less functional, design. I LIKE being able to easily scan my list of notebooks and then also my list of notes within my selected notebook while seeing the full note I've selected. Makes it SO much easier to navigate than having to try to rememer which of those icons on the left side will open up a temporary list of things I might want to select from and, if I've got it wrong, guessing again to find a different icon or a different list. While, sometimes, computers are about making things look pretty, utimately they should be about making things more easily accessible. The beta sacrifices pretty much most of Evernote's accessibility for one set of designer's ideas of what is pretty. If they don't allow us to keep the current web UI I might very well be looking for a replacement note app.
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