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  1. Hey, I think the design is really cool, but still needs some work. I have quite a large screen for my home computer and the text area only fills something like 50% of my screen. It would like to adjust that. The fades to the 'fullscreen mode' are not yet clear to me. When your start typing on a new note it'll auto-switch to fullscreen, but when you edit a note via 'notes', you have to click a button to go fullscreen... Maybe some consistency here? I have no idea how to log out?! I didn't find anything about that yet. What's up with that? Another feature that would be really cool is some sort of auto-scroll. When i'm typing long posts i find it really annoying when the text reaches the bottom of my screen and it stays there. Wouldn't it be possible to let the text auto-scroll up to, let's say, the middle of your screen. It would be a lot more comfortable that way to type lengthy notes. Jasper
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