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  1. I got a brand new laptop and loaded the new version so there was not previous version on it. This happened on the new laptop and all of my 5 computers. The legacy version works fine. I got a ticket number today when I resubmitted this. I am not confident Evernote will respond at all. I have been with Evernote for years and when there was a serious problem you could do live chat. I have a rule that I will not purchase software that only uses email for problems. Unfortunately they have morphed into that. I know that there have been a lot of feature complaints on the new version which I d
  2. Ever since the new version 10 for Windows, my evernote will periodically crash, a few times a day. Once it crashed, you cannot get back into it and have to reboot the computer. See pdf of error message. I reported this 21 days ago and nothing has changed with each new release since then. Evernote Erro Message.pdf
  3. Is anyone else having problems with Evernote. My support tickets are not being answered and wondering if there is a system wide issue. Exiting Evernote and sarting again doesn't seem to help either. Evernote Cannot Open.pdf
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