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  1. Klammer App for iPhone opens .eml files, allows you to read and respond to them right in the app. Amazing for .99
  2. I am using Evernote for Mac 5.6.0. Today I went to drag and drop an Outlook 2011 for Mac email onto the EN icon in the dock and nothing happened. I use this feature all the time to add emails to my notes, and track them in projects. For several years I also was unable to open .eml files on iPhone until I found the Klammer App, which opens and lets me respond to the email perfectly. Changed my workflow and allows me to actually use Evernote on my iPhone as a work tool, not just a viewer. I cannot believe all the changes going on in Evernote these days. Updates to UI, workflows, etc... socks, pens, notebooks, post-it's, you name it... everything but the essentials. What I struggle with here the most is a choice to stick with a Microsoft Office workflow (Outlook for Tasks, Lists and Notes) which sticks with a winning formula and doesn't impact me every time they feel like changing things in the app. The basics are key here. Don't take away features, as many of us long timers of Evernote (your very loyal and paying users) are getting tired of all the craziness at Evernote. I may be done for good with Evernote (a 2 account Premium subscriber for years). Can't keep switching up my workflows, which I have done now too many times.
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