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  1. yes im not completely new to evernote. bben using it for awhile now. its just not happening
  2. Have u tried it since the update I mentioned above? It's only offering mail, print, or text. No other apps
  3. i was doing that but ever since the 8.0.2 update evernote is not allowing me to open anything in any other ipad apps. Previously i was doing just what you said. I opened everything in the pdf converter app. I no longer have that option and i was wondering why?
  4. what I would like to do is take a list and notes that i took in evernote and convert them into a pdf file. I have an app that does that but i cant open it in the app.
  5. Why can't evernote iPad app allow us to open documents in other apps? It would make it easier than copy/pasting into other apps. Other apps allow me to open in evernote why not make it a two way street?
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