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  1. I can't help but wondering how the update came to be such a step backwards when it comes to support for the Jot Script pen. Couldn't certain portions of code, regarding the pen behaviour, rendering and palm rejection, have been kept from previous version? It's just sad to see a good app become unusable and to witness the backlash in this forum, and elsewhere on the internet, alongside your (Evernote) inability to fix the problem.
  2. Really frustrating update. Got my Evernote edition Adonit Jot Script last week and was just beginning to get the hang of it, and then this "better" version of the software came along. Now, the writing seem to render on the page at a much slower pace and with lots of strokes lost in the process. Not good! I've got the oldest iPad supported (3rd gen.) by the Jot Script, so I can't decide on whether the hardware lacks the processing power needed for Penultimate 6.0 or if the software is just a result of sloppy programming. I read somewhere, though, that someone had the same problem with a new iPad Air 2, so it's probably the latter. Given the nature of these things (software releases), one can suspect it comes down to changing a few parameters and fine-tuning the software. But for an app that heavily relies on a (digital) pen for input, it must be considered really bad judgement to release the software in its current condition.
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