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  1. Just want to add a +1 Evernote is great but I am checking every here and then for an alternative with markdown. For me the core features in evernote are webclipper, tags and reminders. As soon as someone else, e.g. simplenote catches up (there only the webclipper is missing) I am going to leave Evernote alone.
  2. I am a web client user only, as I am on Linux. The new web client looks great (imho) BUT: In my opinion one of the most important features is to be able to limit the keywords on display, i.e. so see only those, which are actually in use in a particular notebook. My keyword list is quite long but the set of keywords I use in particular notewooks are quite different for each notebook. In the current web beta there are now allways all keywords on display - which makes the sidebar almost impossible to use as there are all keywords from all notebooks, making it impossble to grasp the relevant one at one glance. In order to stay productive I decided to switch back to the classic web client.
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