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  1. I am a 3L law student. I had hoped that Evernote would be a better choice than Microsoft OneNote/OneDrive. So far everytime I try to do anything it takes about an hour, possibly more, to plow through a book to figure out how to do even the simplest thing. I purchased a book called "Evernote for Lawyers" by David M. Ward, but it seems to assume I can take off a whole semester from school just to study Evernote. Seriously, it seems that complicated compared to the Microsoft programs. And I am too close to taking the bar to spend too much time on this. I just need a little help with what should be some very, very basic functions. 1. Is there someway to get Evernote to sync with Pocket Informant 3? If not, does Evernote have some sort of calandering function, or is there some sort of calandering ap it can sync with? IF not then it is useless to me. 2. I have tried to get it to sync with my wife's Evernote account, but no luck. We can sync our Microsoft accounts, so I know the computers and internet will do it. Can someone give me a simple walk through on how this can be done, or if can even be done? 3. I have figured out how to make a Stack, but I can't figure out how to rename it. Anyone have any ideas? I have a Macbook Air that is partitioned with Windows 7 on one side. I normally use the Windows side, but I have Evernote installed on both sides. I use an Android Kindle as my mobile device. Thanks in advance!
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