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  1. My comment is super-simple and innocuous. No doubt I will be thrashed for it. On the left hand side, I expected the Notebooks icon to show 2 or 3 of them stacked and fanned (show show that clicking the button would show multiple notebooks. Actually, I like the new UI. I appreciate any attempts at lessening the visual input I have to take in. Similar to skinnying down the number of apps I have on my iPhone because the new one I got had half the memory of my old one, I've found myself asking which features/toolsbards, etc. I HAVE to display on an app to get the same work down. In this case, EV has guessed pretty close for me. What I really want, though, is to be able to assign a cover image to each of my notebooks, which is more of a desktop app critique, but would have relevance here, as well.
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