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  1. In Glennie's defense, I do not think he ever said Evernote was right to do this. I can imagine many circumstances where software companies are kinda forced to make a Hail Mary pass at the market. It could be, for instance, that Evernote took venture capitalist money and are now expected to make very high returns (another thing I have seen ruin otherwise brilliant startups) or that they have put themselves in a corner where their otherwise very successful niche product is just not enough. Having not researched this, I am just guessing, but being expected to move worlds drains the strength out of a lot of companies. I would much rather see Evernote focus on what they have and add incremental improvements (like work chat) than try to reinvent their basic premise, as with the Web Beta.
  2. Glennie - I understand what you're saying. I work in the legal department of a successful software startup, and I can totally relate. You can't do everything for all of your customers, you have to keep your bottom line in mind. On the other hand, while your Google comparison is apt, Evernote only has the one product. If Google were only an RSS feeder company, obviously shutting down their only product would be suicide. It's more like if Google decided to make some extreme changes to Google Search, which is that company's bread and butter... something they've never really messed around with. I just see some glaring problems with Evernote as an office productivity tool. It lacks any semblance of "finishing" a product. It is great for storing notes, but I need Microsoft Office (or Apple's comparable products) to create a highly polished finished product that I can print out and pass out, or to create a final presentation I can stand in a board room and present. There's just none of that present in Evernote. I avoid putting together final drafts in Evernote just for that reason; I'm going to have to reformat everything after I paste it into Word or Powerpoint, never mind Excel. So, why not start my first draft in the Microsoft product where it will be finished? Saves me a step, saves formatting, and plus Office is adopting a lot of the different strengths of Evernote anyway. Is Evernote going to have an Excel alternative? Am I going to be doing Mail Merge projects with Evernote? Too ambitious... Evernote should build on their strengths; I just don't see any hope for this product going up against Microsoft and Apple. Honestly, while I love the existing software, it is still quite buggy and I have to apologize for it pretty often. If you expect me to think we'll see them tackle on much, much greater challenges and somehow also fix the quality problems... Just not seeing it. Evernote is a niche product, and a great niche product, but it's not a platform from which to tackle some of the biggest and most successful software developers of all time.
  3. Hey guys - tried out the beta again. I do appreciate the new look, but it's still not very functional for me. I write many notes, and need to be able to quickly "throw" the note into the notebook where it belongs - *all* of my Evernote usage is based around this practice. All of my notes I "pick up" from my daily activities - emails, little to-do's, things I need to buy - are tossed into this first folder and then quickly sorted by placing them where they belong - a certain tag, or notebook. This is still totally impossible in the web beta, because there is no view that allows one to see the notebooks/tags column at the same time they see the note. Unfortunately I use the web client a lot - as a way to access my personal Evernote account from my work computer (so my personal info isn't on a computer my workplace owns). Taking away the user's ability to see both the organizational structure of their notes and the notes themselves at the same time will also ruin my favorite thing about Evernote. So, if this beta were mandatory for the web client I'd have to take my 4000 notes and almost three years of premium subscription to another service.
  4. No, it's a pretty useless test, and doesn't prove anything either way. Even if they do read every thread, I wouldn't expect them to set the precedent that they'll immediately respond any time someone asks, like Superman in Metropolis. They could read the thread weeks later, etc. Worse, it distracts from what was a pretty useful thread up until recently. The new Evernote Web Client makes the GTD system impossible, which makes Evernote useless for me. I'm fine with them creating a new way to see/use Evernote, as long as they don't make the old way impossible. If they reach a point where the standard/supported client is built in the image of the new Web Client, I will definitely switch over to a different software - probably OneNote, since they just released a quality iPhone app.
  5. I would definitely leave Evernote if this design became prevalent across the PC, iPhone and iPad (my systems.) While I like the idea of improving the note editor - it needs some work - it will never become the selling point of Evernote for me. I am a novelist and a paralegal, so my Evernote usage is very text-heavy. However, both Microsoft Word and Apple Pages both have new, clean, minimal designs. Going out on a limb, Evernote is not going to replace Word for me, or even come close. The selling point of Evernote is its existing functionality; the ability to sort, store and search data. In particular, the paneled view makes this a possibility - the ability to see notebooks/tags in conjunction with notes. Lose that, and you add two or three steps to every action, and the critical ability to actually view your notes the way you've laid them out.
  6. I'll have to disagree with Frank.dg above. I'm a heavy Evernote user with thousands of notes who uses the Web client, desktop client, and ios client on iPad and iPhone. The web client has a critical feature that will always drive some users to it: the data is not stored on your local hard drive. If you are like me, and need to access your personal Evernote account through your work-supplied computer, you don't want that computer to download all your personal Evernote files. It's not your computer, and could be taken from you at any minute, or could become the subject of a court-ordered discovery and then searched thoroughly as part of that investigation. (I work in the legal field.) So, I use a local-only Evernote desktop for my work files, but if I need to access my personal workflow, I need to use the web client. I've seen several other comments here that mirror what I've described above, so I imagine there are a fair amount of us out there.
  7. I have serious problems with the web UI; it basically puts a stop to my workflow process. I wonder if the differing opinions might center around how Evernote is used. I'm primarily a Folders user, though I use Tags as well. My workflow all comes into one central folder, and then I assign it to folders that follow the GTD system ("Right Now,", "This Week", "Someday"). But with the new Web UI, I can't move a note from one notebook to the next without actually going into that notebook. That means I have to go back to the notebook tab, find my folder with the incoming notes, then repeat the whole process. With the old system, I could just look at my Incoming folder, toss the notes into the appropriate Notebook, and be done organizing in seconds. This means the Beta web UI is pretty much unusable for me.
  8. I'm aware there are other threads on this topic, but I wanted to throw my voice in. The web app is not good at all anymore. I need better access to my notebooks/tags, and I need to be able to drag and drop. My basic workflow is completely stymied by the new design. Everything I make comes into an "Incoming" folder, and I sort from there. But now, if I am viewing my Incoming folder and want to move a note to, say, my Today folder... I click on the note I want to move, then select the Today folder - but now my view is set within the Today folder. I have to go back to the notebook tab, then find my Incoming folder again, then start the process over. That's about three times as much work just to do my daily organization of my notes, and there are going to be at least a dozen notes to go through every day. In the old version, I could open up my Incoming folder, then just drag each note into the folder it belongs. The whole process was very slick and efficient, which is why I user Evernote and not one of their competitors. Maybe keep this new beta as an option for display, but lord, it seems to be going in the exact opposite direction I would want Evernote to go.
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