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  1. To add my 2cts in this feedback thread, the nice feel of the new interface is great, but there are a couple of things that are bugging me big time in term of usability: A. Full screen vs normal screen When typing the new note in mode "full screen", there is no easy way to come back to the main, normal screen. The bottom line is that notes interact: I merge them, edit them in function of the content of others, etc... There should be: 1. a way to toggle between the full-screen edit and the editing-with-note-listings. The "done" button is a no-go: I don't necessarily want to save this note! 2. a shortcut for this toggle (and many more...) 3. The side bar appearing on hovering while in screen mode? B. Painful Editing I don't know if it's only me, but the management of the return carriage has always been a pain. Why not do like everywhere else? "return" -> next paragraph (with vertical spacing) "shift+return" -> next line within paragraph. 1. In the beta, "enter" goes to next paragraph, backspace after that removes the vertical spacing... whaaat? 2. PLEASE have the bullets points be in the same paragraph. This is very ugly otherwise! 3. the beta has some strange bugs with modification of font type. Example: a. type smthg b. shift return (good lord, it works) c. ctrl+B Wooooow something magically happens: I'm in the next paragraph now? Thanks for the amazing work that you guys do at Evernote! Hope it helps. Cheers, Antoine
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