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  1. I got no help at all from Evernote Tech Support. I resolved my issue by creating a new Evernote account and sharing the notes from my MacBook (operating properly) to the new account on the iPad. That did and continues to work. Evernote's tech support and executive management demonstrates the worst regard for its customers of any company I have worked with in the last several years. They have still not returned any calls or emails regarding the issue above.
  2. My experience is equally poor. I opened a ticket on 10/2 and have received 3 emails back in a 9 day period. 2 of these emails demonstrated that they didn't even read my initial request where I told them Evernote for iPad wasn't working at all. (They asked me to pull a log from the Evernote iPad file and send it to them and to export my notes.) Their last email told me they would escalate my case but there has been no further communication. I sent an email to the executives and got no response at all!!!! I am also embarrassed because I had recommended subscribing to Evernote Business to my boss and now have egg on my face. Evernote had been doing a great job for us and now it is harming our business. We are rushing to migrate all of our business onto a different method to manage our customers and prospective customer efforts. Any suggestions out there?
  3. I cannot send an Activity Log. That would require me being able to access 'Help'. The app cannot be accessed because it remains in the sync mode. Please open a Support Ticket for me. Is it possible that the software for the iPad running on 8.0.2 is the issue? The iPhone works fine.
  4. Thanks for your quick response. How do I send you a log?
  5. I am operating Evernote for iPad on IOS 8.0,2. As soon as I open it the sync process starts and never stops, preventing me from doing anything. I have restarted the iPad, uninstalled the App, re-installed it with no change. Any suggestions?
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