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  1. I make a lot of notes on the way. Like to use bulleted lists. But EN always screws up my list if I paste a simple piece of unformatted text. Please, we should see this in perspective: It should not take them much time to correct this, as working HTML editor code examples are freely available on the internet. And we are not asking for a full-fledged HTML editor, just correcting the options they already offer, but are not working at all. I'm not talking about things that aren't working on some exotic browsers or handhelds, just plain HTML5 would do. It's really not a big deal at all.
  2. The Evernote team, like most companies that make products for others, try to gauge what customers say they want/need and try do what fits their resources and their other plans. By making choices, they do risk losing customers. Is any of this a surprise? Yes, making decisions is sometimes difficult. But ignoring a multitude of relatively simple bugs for more than a year, about which many are severely complaining, that's a whole other stoy, imho. This is not about new features, this is about bugs in existing features. I would call this lack of maintenance.
  3. Looks like the Evernote team is not listening to its customers at all. They spent time where they see it appropriate, not where the need of the customer is. As soon as a valid alternative becomes available, they risk loosing their customer base forever. It's your choice!
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