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  1. My apologies - I meant the Evernote client on my Samsung Android phone. I usually see posts to articles by my friends on Facebook and want to come back to them, but I have not found any settings in the Android phone version to allow a choice between saving a URL or the entire article. I almost always use FB on my phone rather than at a desktop. Can the desktop settings be synched to the phone version?
  2. I would like to have the choice of saving either a link to a web page or the page itself when adding to Evernote. The latest release seems to save the entire article rather than just the URL which is what I've been saving all along. Within days of this starting, I'm getting notices that I've reached half of my allotted memory and am being encouraged to upgrade to a premium account. I don't need this kind of pressure on top of multilpe very serious pressures in my life right now. I really like Evernote and want to be able to keep using it, but by saving full articles instead of just the links, you're forcing me to look at other products that can help me keep my life together.
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