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  1. No. I had to edit the list--remove the code, add the boxes.
  2. I have the same problem. A shopping list I've had for a couple of years one day appeared on my Iphone with check boxes replaced with code. Copying and pasting the correctly formatted version from my computer to iphone copied everything but the boxes. Now the iphone version has synced to my computer.
  3. Oops! Wrong forum. I'm on a Mac, latest OSX.
  4. Folks, I want to be able to select all on the contents of a note and click any default formatting option and have it apply. Now, for example, If I paste in text with one font and want to make it the same as the default font, I have to select all, change the font to a font other than default and then change the font again to the default. Thanks! Barry
  5. Folks, This should be easy. I often find myself wanting to copy a note so I don't have to create a new note in the same notebook with the same tags. Barry
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