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  1. Thank you for your help. I will look at Office 65. I may just leave it as all the other PDF from different sites are opening under Kindle app. I still have the book one opening on my laptop.
  2. I have the app on my Android, not on a phone. It worked fine along with all my other pdfs, although they were from a site and my book one is one I made on my computer and sync'd to the Android. It worked for awhile and now says "Not a supported document." I opened them with Polaris Office which came with my Android and now it won't work with it. I can still open site pdfs using my Kindle app while in Evernote but not my own pdf. Hope this makes sense.
  3. I rarely use this app on my Android but it did come in handy to open a pdf file of my list of book on it. Now it says it doesn't support my document. Don't know what happened but does anyone have any ideas. Should I delete my app and reinstall? It works on my laptop fine.
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