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  1. When it works, using my ScanSnap with Evernote Desktop (Mac) to import a batch of business cards and turn them into a bunch of contacts is a beautiful thing. However, it seems very fragile - in that sometimes I'm left with a bunch of "Scanned Business Card - MM/DD/YYYY" entries that never get OCR'd, linked to Linked-In, nor added to my "Contacts". One common thread may be whether or not the scanned card can be immediately synched and/or whether Linked-In web service is accessible. Can someone describe the process followed by Evernote and what happens immediately, what happens when the sync completes, etc? One feature that would be VERY helpful in this situation would be to be able to select a bunch of "Scanned Business Card" entries and re-run them through the ocr/linked-in/contacts import process (or to have the sync process automagically detect these entries and "do the right thing". -D
  2. OSX 10.9.5 Safari 7.1.2 Evernote Web Clipper 6.2.4 Clicking the EWC button in Safari's toolbar, causes the clip menu to be very briefly displayed (.5 seconds?), then menu disappears, active browser window is grayed out, "Take a Screenshot" tip is displayed over the center of the active window for a few seconds, and EWC menu is displayed with only a single "Cancel" option enabled. I'm not entirely sure when this last worked as expected, but it was within the past few weeks -- perhaps related to latest Safari updates? Best, Danny
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