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  1. I agree that narrow scrollbars are not good. Also I would like to have the arrow (up/down) scroll buttons on the scrollbar (only notes list scrollbar has it, why?). I cannot scroll one line currently. If I drag a long notes' scrollthumb it scrolls several screens. My mouse's wheel is set to scroll several lines (because every other app - tons of them - I use has scroll buttons and it is comfortable to use them this way). Only soution is to click the last line on screen and hit the arrows on the keyboard, but sometimes I would scroll a line while I leave a portion of a text selected. So I would like scroll buttons and a thick scrollbar. By the way, once Evernote had a very handy feature on the scollbar: it displayed all the results of the searched text with color. It would be my 3rd wish to have it back.
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