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  1. Good catch; I think that that may be the problem (or at least part of it). If the note window isn't wide enough, then you should see an icon with three downward pointing chevrons; click on that to give you a prompt to add a tag. That's right, I do see those chevrons if the window is wide enough to either show a tag or the "click to add tag". Otherwise, even the chevrons don't show.
  2. Just in response to clicking the tag symbol: If it is the one above the note on Windows 7 desktop application it is not active. The window actually has to be large enough to show the link "Click to add tag...", and click that. I notice if my window is sized too small or I have too many tags that link will disappear showing only the symbol (which does nothing.)
  3. Thank you for the reply, but that workaround does not work for me. Not only would I have to change hundreds of notes, it doesn't address the problem of tags that appear that don't begin with what you type. I use many tags for the GTD method that begin with a number (for priotiziation) or an @ sign (to signify where I do this task), or it is just not intuitive with what it starts with. Example: tag called "@Online Shopping" I type in "sh" and under no circumstances will it choose the tag even though it shows and is highlighted, unless I remember to type "@online" first. It will only create a new tag for "sh", even though @Online Shopping is a highlighted tag that appeared in search suggestions. If there was a tag that began with "sh" I can choose any of those and it would work. But, if I just hit enter on any that appear in the drop down that just have "sh" in them but don't begin with them, a new tag of sh is created.
  4. This bug really affects workflow when you are trying to quickly tag with the GTD (Getting Things Done) method which uses a lot of tagging. Problem: If you start typing a part of a tag name (not the first letter) it will appear. If you try to click the tag or tab, highlight, and hit enter it creates a new tag of whatever you typed. Example: Say your tag was @home and you started to type "ho". Every tag that has the letters "ho" appear in autocomplete. But, no matter what tag you click, it will not choose it (unless the tag began with "ho") it will just create a new tag of "ho". Example 2: The tag is "Things to Buy". If you type "Bu" the tag appears in autocomplete. If you click the tag "Things to Buy" it creates a new tag called "Bu" I have a bunch of these tags created all the time because you have to remember to type exactly what the tag begins with for it to work properly. This is not how search autocomplete is supposed to work. This has been an issue for a long time and I see others report it on the Mac.
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