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  1. I'm using the iOS Cloud SDK to load notes into my app. There's a collection view that shows the notes as a text view if they have content, otherwise they show the thumbnail image. However, being that the notes take a while to load while there is a bunch of them since I have to download each note, then convert the enml->html. Then convert the html->NSAttributedString. It takes a long time. I really want to know via metadata or something whether a note is going to have text content as soon as possible, preferably just from the ENSessionFindNotesResult before I even start to download. Any ideas? Most of my other data sources are just .txt or .png or whatever, but I realize that Evernote behaves differently.
  2. tettoffensive

    getting NSString of ENNoteContent?

    I tried out MWFeedParser, but it ended up removing all of the newlines which I guess is the desired behavior for those using this library. Well, it was not what I wanted to I ended up using some utilities built into iOS. ENMLUtility *converter = [ENMLUtility new]; [converter convertENMLToHTML:[note.content enml] completionBlock:^(NSString *html, NSError *convertError) { if (!convertError) { NSData *data = [html dataUsingEncoding:NSUTF8StringEncoding]; NSError *htmlToTextError; NSString *plainTextString = [[NSAttributedString alloc] initWithData:data options:@{ NSDocumentTypeDocumentAttribute : NSHTMLTextDocumentType, NSCharacterEncodingDocumentAttribute : [NSNumber numberWithInt:NSUTF8StringEncoding] } documentAttributes:nil error:&htmlToTextError].string;}];
  3. Created an issue here: https://github.com/evernote/evernote-cloud-sdk-ios/issues/90
  4. This is how I am authenticating for my iOS app, however, when I went to my account on the web and revoked access to my app [ENSession isAuthentication] still returns YES. Causing my app to crash because it thinks evernote is authenticated, but it is not when I try to read the notes. Any ideas? - (void)authenticateSessionFromController:(id)controller block:(GDEvernoteAuthenticationBlock)block{ __block BOOL authenticated; ENSession *session = [ENSession sharedSession]; //If the session is already authenticated, just sync. if([session isAuthenticated]){ self.authenticated = authenticated = YES; if (block) { block(authenticated, nil); } return; } [session authenticateWithViewController:controller preferRegistration:NO completion:^(NSError *error) { if (error || !session.isAuthenticated) { if (error.code == ENErrorCodeCancelled) { if (block) block(NO, nil); } else if (block) { block(NO, error); } GDLog(@"Evernote authentication failed with error: %@.", error); authenticated = self.authenticated = NO; } else { authenticated = self.authenticated = YES; if(block) block(YES, error); } }];}
  5. Hi Eric, Thanks for the clarification. I have been using the API under the assumption that all images are resources. I just wanted to know whether a note had any resources (more specifically images) or not without downloading the note (and instead just downloading the thumbnail). However, it seems there is no way to do this (it makes sense, i have a very unique case). With other data sources such as Dropbox I am just downloading the thumbnail since it is much quicker and takes up less memory than full images. However, if downloading the Evernote note turns out not to be that bad I suppose I can just do that and just skip the thumbnails. The note content probably won't use up much memory. It maybe just the resources if the use has any large images so I can probably generate my own thumbnails of any image resources.
  6. In my app I'm getting a list of all the notes in a notebook and storing an array of their addresses. Then in my scroll view I'm showing thumbnails as they are loaded into the view which is fine, since all the thumbnails are images. But when imported I need to know before note download whether a note is just content (text) or has resources (such as images) or both. I'm using the iOS cloud SDK. It doesn't seem like this is possible without downloading the whole note? I am trying to avoid this to keep my UI and responsive and asynchronous so I can build the UI components as the note downloads. Is there anyway to get information from the ENNoteRef or somewhere about what a note might contain (mime-types or at least whether it has resources?) Thanks [self.evernote retrieveNotesForNotebook:defaultNotebook block:^(NSArray *notes, NSError *notesError) { for (ENSessionFindNotesResult* noteResult in notes) { ... } }];
  7. tettoffensive

    Evernote w scansnap s1100

    Guessing that the Import Folder is something you set up with automator. Makes sense. Still find it lame that a scanner which was recommended is no longer supported directly. (btw, the s1100 is even smaller than the s1300 - that ones not bad either in size, but the one they sell now is huge!)
  8. tettoffensive

    Evernote w scansnap s1100

    So I bought the Fujitsu Scansnaps s1100 a couple years ago before Evernote had the giant scansnap they now sell in their marketplace. At the time this is what Evernote recommended and I chose it because of it's integration with evernote and because it's so compact and I live in a small San Francisco apt and prefer something compact. So I was dissapointed that the new software Evernote has for Scansnap doesn't work with models like mine and the software downloads from fujitsu no longer have the "Scan to Evernote" feature that the software used to come with (I have an new laptop). Ideally, I'd just prefer Evernote's version of the software to work with the s1100 since it's much nicer then fujitsu's (this is for Mac OSX btw). But even if Fujitsu's would Scan to Evernote again that would at least work. I can't be the only person using the s1100 for Evernote? Anyone have a solution for the s1100 and Evernote?
  9. tettoffensive

    getting NSString of ENNoteContent?

    Thanks! This should work.
  10. [[ENSession sharedSession] downloadNote:noteRef progress:progress completion:completion];I'm using this method to download a note and I would just like to get in plain text as an NSString the content minus all the resources. I'm dealing with those separate. I just want to get the text. It doesn't seem that ENNoteContent has this option?