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  1. I think we may have solved the mystery. If you keep pressing the “Send verification email”, it’s no surprise that it keeps sending you emails. The button is there to send you an email. In order to verify your address you need to click the big green button in the email. Once you do that, you should not be asked to verify it again. I didn't think it need to be stated that I then clicked the "big green button" in the email to verify my email address given the extensive documentation in this support thread. As noted in my posts throughout this thread and in the emails to Evernote Support (as requested by an Evernote employee posting above) I am asked repeatedly to verify my email (and I do verify it) but it doesn't seem to be saving the authentication. That said, if all Evernote Support techs think it's as simple as users not knowing to push a button then it's no wonder I never got a response from my support tickets. I notice that many people posting in this thread are newbies to the Evernote forum, which tells me they (like I) probably signed on specifically to report this issue. To restate the issue: Upon opening Evernote on my iPhone I get a "Please verify your email" popup with 3 options: - Yes - Edit my email - Ask me later Yes = receive verification email, click button to verify email address, receive email verified confirmation webpage. I have repeated this cycle dozens of times now. Edit = changing email addresses does not eliminate the problem, I tried. Ask me later = it asks me again later which still does not solve the problem It is correct that "Once you do that, you should not be asked to verify it again." "Should not but I am" sums up the ongoing issue. While it's nice to have a contribution from an Evernote employee... To suggest "click the link" is the mystery solution after months of users documenting the issue seems rather rudimentary. Thank you! Fially words of wisdom. I read through the entire thread and was mortified that something as simple as this never came across naturally. This is the exact issue I am facing on a Windows 8.1 laptop (for both the desktop and app versions). I get requested to verify daily and sometimes multiple times per day for months, which I always do; following all steps from agreeing to verify to clicking the link in the subsequrnt email. Nothing stops it from re-requesting a verification. As far as I can tell I never attached a username to my account and as such use my email to log in. I have Evernote installed on two Windows 8.1 laptops and am singed into both, but I seriously don't see why the system shouldn't allow users to be signed in at more than one location (especially on the installed-program version).
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