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  1. That's strange - I have already checked Czech in the lower language box and I have the latest version of Evernote, I have even reinstalled Evernote... Seems like Czech is available only for non-Czech users :-) Maybe it is somehow connected with the pre-installed language in Windows and it doesn't offer language used in Windows.
  2. I don't have Czech in the list. I have Danish as the first option. Please see the print screen: http://www.evernote.com/l/AbqItZIaXM9DNJHVU16PflL0rGkRkgjqOs4/. I am not definitely the only one having this problem. See the linked picture at this topic: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/66707-where-is-english/ Thank you.
  3. Hello, Evernote seems to support Czech language - in my Android version I use Czech, but in my Windows desktop application there is no possibility to set Czech as Application laguage only as preferred language for spelling and on the web there is also no possibility to change it to Czech. Any idea what's wrong? Thank you.
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