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  1. Thanks, but meeting could be quite crucial to my career progression and not one where i can stop and make notes to recordings . But good idea though. Guessing should last good hour? Thinking might be best to use inbuilt voice memo on phone, that way if file is too big wont be stuck in evernote. If on phone can later move to evernote via windows whatever the size. Does this sound best plan?
  2. Hi Have long meeting at work to attend. Wish to record this, will use iphone on desk. Basically how long will i be able to record for ? 1 hour 2 hours? Understand that once recorded if file is less than 25 mb or 100 mb , normal version v premuim you will be able to sync... but how long would would this be for a meeting. Also if the file recorded was over this size and couldnt sync, how can i get it off phone. Thanks
  3. To be honest doubt if you will notice difference. Out of interest Is your phone 8gb/16gb?
  4. In the end updated to 8.0.2. All worked. My wife has same phone, checked all settings. I even tried to replicate what had happened to mine couldn't. Only thing different was that she had newer 4s and 8gb. Mine was older 16gb. Guessing yours is 16gb as well? Hope this helps
  5. Hi currently on holiday,so have limited access and just basic wifi Yesterday noticed phone was asking for several app updates so clicked for them to update anyway later tried to use Evernote, I am premium user so needed to type in password. Only one side of screen would accept input on keypad. Strange not happened before and not affecting anything else. Typed in password wrong few times decided to re install, however now when installing get welcome message, in small screen and touchscreen not work Also when opening the following apps get a small screen centred as well and can't proceed Evernote,Dropbox,Facebook,Groupon. IPhone running. 7.1.2 (11d257) Any ideas anyone seen or heard of this I've tried rebooting phone and re installing Evernote a few times but no good Thanks
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