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  1. I've stopped using Evernote for many months now because of this deficiency. Evernote, the company, should know that in-line math symbols as well as equations proper need to be able to be entered in LaTeX code. The only reason I stay tuned to this forum is in case there is a lightning strike at Evernote and LaTeX support is made available. For now I will continue to compile my notes in TeXShop.
  2. In the hopes that native LaTeX support may be inspired by enough demand shown on this forum I will add my voice. For those of us working in industry giving another party such as eatags.com access to our notes and/or formulas is not an acceptable solution. Evernote needs to have native LaTeX capability for industrial lab-notebook use. I.e., one should be able to type in something like $\frac{a}{b}$ and have it rendered in proper math text/fonts in Evernote, and to be able to click on the rendered text to edit it (in LaTeX). There are so many good features in Evernote, but that one missing feature is enough to make Evernote unusable to me. I would be glad to be a paying customer if this capability were included.
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