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  1. Solved! I forwarded her your message, and she deleted the app, turned off and on the phone, reinstalled - and it appears to be working fine. Thanks for the help...
  2. Hi - Checking back. We tried unchecking the "activate multishot camera" in settings: there is no change. The app doesn't crash, but an error message comes up saying "Unfortunately Evernote has stopped", and no image is captured. We then tried re-checking this option - same story. Any other ideas? I would really like to get this working for her. Thanks again.
  3. Hi - I'm asking this on behalf of one of my students and might not have all the details. Our class set up accounts yesterday and students were trying features of evernote on their phones. One student has an Android phone, and every time she tried to take a photo, the app failed. I forget the exact error message, but something to the effect of "something went wrong", and asked if she wanted to report the problem. We submitted a report. I asked the student to delete and reinstall the app, but the problem persisted after the reinstall. I'm wondering if this is a known issue? I can't find anything about it in a quick search. Thanks.
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