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  1. HiYa people, Am I missing something here?? On my pc, if I wish to edit a note, I simply point my cursor at the insertion point, and type away. On my phone (Galaxy S5) or Tab3 (both running KitKat), if I wish to edit a note I have to tap the green orb (at the bottom). Not so bad, SO FAR.... BUT... I read through a note, to the bottom. I wish to add further text. I tap the orb (bottom right). I am quickly taken to the TOP of the note, and the ONLY way (as far as I know) to get to the bottom, is to keep on swiping up (can be a lengthy process, if there is a long note!). Is there not an easier/quicker way to get to the bottom of the note? If there is, I haven't discovered it yet ;-(. Come on Evernote.. How about a "Jump to bottom" option from the menu.. Cheers
  2. Gazumped.. "Oi, Cheeky"!! ;-) I appreciate others may have mentioned!, but I 'look at it' in as much as "the more people that mention, would show how many people would like this functionality". If the vast majority remain silent (can't be bothered to post or whatever), then the requirement becomes less demanding (by numbers) it would seem. Other apps have functionality to make an insert point, and edit, but obviously not as easy to implement, as it is to "say it". So, there's my "two bobs worth" :-) Now, Gazumped, about this motto of yours.... ;-))
  3. Okay, so Evernote have given us an "easier way to edit" on Android, with a little green circle/orb (bottom right), which is great. How about they FURTHER enhance the editing by giving the ability to tap the green orb, and have the editing point start from wherever one is in the note? For instance. I have a long note. I scroll down to (near) the end (or even in the middle of a long note). I scroll UP a little, to reveal the editing orb. I tap the orb (to edit). What happens????? I am taken ALL THE WAY back to the beginning of the note, and then have to FIND and scroll to wherever I wished to insert/edit the note :-( A little long winded, and difficult to find the insertion point again :-( I appreciate this may be easier to say, than it is to implement, but come on lads, give it a go :-))
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