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  1. Hi Everyone, I've been using Evernote for some time now, but i'm pretty sure i'm only scratching its surface in terms of functionality. Recently, i've been craving some way to document my past. Yes, I could write a simple list in Word, but I wondered if there was any kind of purpose built plug-in/app/functionality for Evernote that would aid in creating some kind of lifeline in an attractive way - that I could build over time with important, or indeed not so important, life events. I've often struggled to recall when I bought my first car; when that trip to Egypt actually was; who I was dating in 1997..! It would be great if there was something out there purpose built (maybe even a template) that I can dip into and build up over time, as and when things come to me, but not a journal necessarily to start now, but one that I can build about my history. Evernote seems like the perfect platform for it. Is it out there? Thanks in advance! http://www.day3creations.co.uk
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