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  1. Thanks wordsgood. Just to make sure no misunderstanding. EN works actually like a MS Word Pgm. If EN is used on Win 7 as a seperate Pgm. Then you can make these structures. With automated Numberings. But when editing on Android the structure gets lost. All Levels start with "1." And bringing it back is involving lots of work.
  2. Thank you for the suggestion. Looks more like a workaround than a solution to the issue as such. But appreciated anyway.
  3. When editing hirarchichal Notes (Numbers) on Win 7 Desktop, synch to Android Tab or Mobile and start editing the Numbers get lost, all Numbers go to 1. Even after saving all Numbering lost. All hirarchichal numbering must be done on Win Desktop again. Anyone else experiencing? Any solution to solve this incompatibillity? Desktop (272632) Tablet sorry, cannot find version, but is up to date
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