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  1. Those are all excellent points, and I knew there were huge technical hurdles when I thought of the issue. Like most ideas, this was born of a moment of frustration when I wanted to do something that is conceptually simple (update a clipped page), but is technically quite challenging. I can think of a few ways to approach this is a very simplistic manner, but the exceptions and edge cases rapidly outpace the basice use case. Ah well, I shall just re-clip and delete the original note. After all, it's only 2 or 3 extra clicks.
  2. I clip a lot of knowledge base articles from a vendor into Evernote. That makes it much easier to look up info I need, instead of having to navigate through their support forum. The other day, I had reason to re-visit the original KB article and noticed it had some updates to it. In order to refresh it in Evernote, I had to delete my clipped note, and then re-clip the page. Since the URL is associated with the note in Evernote, it would be nice if there was some way to tell it to "re-clip" the page, and refresh what I have stored in Evernote. Of course, as I think through it, I can see some difficulties. I know that the clipping functionality is browser-specific based on the web clipper implementation, and I don't know what sort of automation that clipper supports. Perhaps a better request is for web clipper/evernote to be able to recognize that you're clipping a page that's already been clipped, and to update the note instead of clipping a new copy of it.
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