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  1. @jefito I can't tell if you're still currently a programmer or not, but as someone that stares at code all day long in addition to writing technical notes and documentation, syntax highlighting gives me _way_ less eye strain. I'm fine writing out things in a monospaced font, which I have been, but the experience could be richer. if it's not something that Evernote sees as a viable option, then the only alternative I could suggest are some of these interesting options: https://github.com/timlockridge/SublimeEvernote (ST2) https://github.com/bordaigorl/sublime-evernote (ST3 fork of the above) another interesting thing I've read about is an Evernote publishing platform (who knew?): http://postach.io/ and someone wrote an interesting article about syntax highlighting for it: http://writings.miguelregedor.com/syntax-highlighting-for-your-evernote-postach-io-blog lastly, some of the random other suggestions you'd see out of Quora: https://www.quora.com/The-best-way-to-make-Evernote-support-Code-Syntax-Highlighting-and-Formatting hope that gives guidance to everyone else until/if Evernote decides that syntax highlighting would be a viable option. I'm sure they'd want to cater to the engineers
  2. even as a replacement for code block, we could kill two birds with one stone and request Markdown support, which would have the syntax highlighting and code blocks already, and we can simply use back ticks. would be lovely and accommodating to anyone that uses Markdown.
  3. I tend to write a lot of technical notes in evernote, and that also includes blocks of code, and it would be amazing to have a button to toggle a code block with automatic syntax highlighting.
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