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  1. Thank you so much. I am starting to think that my Win 10 has a bug. I have security for my pc and a malware program, but something is not working correctly these days.
  2. I am using Windows 10 (not a big fan). I am using my Dell Laptop and iPhone mainly with my Evernote. I have always just done a copy and paste. Simple! With the dozens of other specific software I already have/need (embroidery, digitizing, etc.,) I don't always get/read about changes to everything. Frankly, every time one of my programs announces 'new, improved, changes', I want to - well, not be happy about it. Geeze, I sound like a complainer. I actually used to teach Microsoft Applications and really love what computers do for us.
  3. When I copied an article, the photos always came along. The article looked the same as it did on the Net, with photos and links, etc. Now, the photos are no longer visible when I paste them to Evernote. What am I doing wrong? Without the photos, the articles are not useful at all. Thanks, Pat
  4. THANK YOU!! This was exactly what I was looking for. I had tried 'web clipper' and 'web download' in the search. I am not sure why I did not find it with the 'web clipper.' Do I have to use the Evernote name in the beginning? That seems odd to me. Thanks again, I am a delighted woman now - well, when I am rich, I will be more delighted. Pat
  5. Thank you both. Several of the main sites I use daily have changed their layouts and I am having difficulty finding things. I know EN will help me with this problem. I have recommended EN to so many people. I just have a recollection of being on the Net, right clicking my mouse and seeing a 'send to Evernote' or something like that. I don't believe I added a third party item but I may have via a deception. This would have been for the Windows to EN, not iOS. I actually can remember when computers/systems/devises were not so complex. Geeze, I even remember some DOS. It is OK that EN does not have a direct link, it just seems like an obvious feature. Then again, I think it is obvious that Justin Beiber is a total idiot. Thanks again, I appreciate your responses. Pat
  6. I get so off task that I find myself a zillion places away from my initial issue. I am probably the only one in the Universe who does that - Drat Pinterest. I was working on my iPhone with EN, (my shorthand for Evernote) and it said that there was an app for web clippings direct to Evernote. Naturally, I wandered away and now I can't remember the name nor can I find it here. At one time, I remember right clicking on something on the Net and it would let me send something directly to EN. I don't find that any more. Perhaps I was imagining/dreaming? BTW, I wish I could figure out how to get back to something on my iPhone - And, I wish I could find EN Notebooks/Notes easier. Traversing EN for my reading is not easy. I seem to have very few options showing. A tip for that would be nice. Anyone have any thoughts? I will say thank you if you can help. . . . Geeze - How can I upload to My Media (icon on middle of top row.) Pat
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