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  1. Thank you phils, I believe that this option could be extend use-case of evernote email.... so if possible, could you let me know the best way to submit this request to evernote ? Thanks,
  2. Hello everyone ! I am novice windows 8.1 application developer. and now I have developed small application that can send a html e-mail from internet explorer named "web2mail". http://apps.microsoft.com/windows/app/web2mail/4cd5bc93-d2e8-4d06-a678-cea9f288fd54 as you can imagine, this application is mainly intended to snap website to evernote via html e-mail. this application works well, except the note made by this application does not have a URL attribute. if possible, I would like to add a URL information to the note automatically. so far, I can find a method to add tags in subject. but I can not find any information about the URL. Is there any way to adding a URI into the email ? I am expecting that it would be a option token just like a tag in the subject, or vender-option header in SMTP like a "x-evernote-URI: http://foo.com/bar...". Thank you. I appreciate any help,
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