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  1. @noduslabs I signed up back on January 7, 2016. 😲 Rather than dwell on that experience, I'll give you a second chance. Password recovery worked (autofill user name had % for spaces and failed, worked on retyping my user name). The service seems greatly improved from the first try, I'll see what else I can break, thanks.
  2. Re: (308094) Public (CE Build ce-58.1.6897) Feature Requests*: UPDATED DATE: I feel mislead as a user by this problem. Regardless of fanboy justifications in the other thread, this is my primary Feature Request: Any user action altering a classification of a note should be documented with Updated time code at the time of user reclassification, irrespective of sync time. I've upvoted all opinions to this effect. A Feature Request / Bug Report TEMPLATE might be a good tutorial/feature as well? One with a post to forum link might be most useful? *edited
  3. @CalS Hopefully we will both get improvements. Thanks for acknowledging the ever so slight benefit of my suggestion, even if it isn't your top priority. ?
  4. @Don DzEvernote is simply the best capture and archive solution. I cast a wide net and it catches it all. I bought a faster cpu for the client, but the tool is real. Frankly I can't read as fast as I capture on some issues and the search of images and pdfs is invaluable. I admit to redundantly adding tags based on search results, in addition to saving search criteria as a "saved search". Because my tag list is a large glossary of specific terms assigned at capture, through later searches, as well as Filterized automated tagging; I keep waiting for it to break (and religiously back it up) and it's actually been stainless steel. tl/dr: Capture and archive ubiquitously on all my platforms. Lots of tags as breadcrumbs for follow up research and lateral associations. That's the role EN fills. @jefito I have the account specifically for this issue's research. I don't co-mingle personal notes on this account. We all benefit from the GUI showing sync process transparently without additional user acrobatics. But I'm annoyed by it right now.
  5. @DTLow actually that is an animated gif that spins to indicate the processes of the sync are active, not the rate it is syncing anything. It's like clocking into work vs. actually working. The Activity Log / disappearing items from the Sync column are the only real time, per item, sync progress indications one has in the gui that indicate a rate of progress that allows you to estimate the length of the sync remaining. @gustavgi points out the sync list fails to be useful with more than say 22 lines or so of changes, even if you remember to sort by the sync icon before you begin, so you can see them update when the screen redraws. Actually screen redraw is slower during sync as well so these often pop off the list in pairs etc. on redraw. @CalS The utility of my suggestion helps the truly heavy users, not harm the light users, and inform all users of progress with more honesty when syncing. As this product ages, databases must only get bigger, along with the sophistication of the user's implementation. I think this will be more useful for more people, moving forward, since user's records accumulate in an ever increasing fashion. Thanks for your ideas, everything is working for me so far. *crosses fingers* I'm just frustrated at some of the buried mechanics of EN that should be more accessible.
  6. I have an EN of 15,000+ research notes, I can make changes to thousands of notes at a time. (so probably more than even your 'tons' would imply) I turn off auto sync and sync manually so I can continue to work without constant freeze ups. Often my sync is over ten minutes at the end of say four hours use. So the spinning gif isn't really what I need, and the task manager isn't really what I need. The Log View is fine, but I'd rather that scroll was tucked in the corner, honestly showing sync state, since the text scroll is available windowed anyway. It's already information being threaded through EN, I just want it thoughtfully displayed, as a feature request to the GUI. ? Attached, see my tag list for the letter "C" topics, not people, not things, not events, it might illustrate the volume of sync annotations I can generate? As a result, reading the tag list at the top of the html output can be a good executive summary to the content of a large pdf, etc. Likewise editorial changing or combining tags can change many tags indeed.
  7. How long until sync is completed? I open my Help:Activity Log window and watch the scroll as the % completion is displayed. Since the sync process makes the client unresponsive, the log scroll adds confirmation that the process is not hung. The problem is I must open this log each time, simply to watch the % saved increase in the scroll, I don't need a window that size or the options to save off the log. I need feedback if I'm syncing successfully and an eyeball rate of sync so I can manage other tasks why the sync occurs. Therefore, adding a single line scroll to the interface that is automatically rendering the activity log output would passively display an animated increasing sync percentage. The same effect I get from watching the fast scroll animate the sync % in the pop up, only passively displayed in the corner of a frame somewhere. ?
  8. yes, you'll need more than five tags to overflow the template space given, but since up to 100 tags per note may be assigned one would think you'd be able to show them in a printout (without exporting to html, which does show all tags)
  9. Oh, I played with that from lurking in the forums in the past. Works as advertised too. Should anyone want the free to play solution, it worked on Windows 7 before I upgraded to Windows 10. But I think I'll still expect EN to consider adding at least a view to the tags that can be selected and copied?
  10. That's the big payoff, you can cover so much ground on a topic with a detailed word cloud based on a targeted glossary. The formula is "text" and "number" for weighted tag text size; so "tag" and "number of times used" will give a word cloud. The exact information in the left sidebar, that I can't copy paste, either. Oh I could mess around with AutoKey scripts too. I'm frustrated I can SEE both lists; I just can't copy them to clipboard. I have a workaround with Filterize, so I'm not hamstrung, just making a feature request.? And I'm in editorial mode now, so tag count is actually down about 20%, so there's that? Please look at my other posts about using this tag structure for dynamic visualization, I'm open to suggestions for clever presentation.
  11. I'm adding one tag at a time. For the last five years, as they became topical to the research. The list of all tags used in a multiple note selection is calculated and displayed as shadow checkboxes in the scrolling tag list. I just want that information without re-keying it or paying another service. Isn't the same process and making the Index page for group notes, only "Tag list for selection" not based on the assumption that only the shared tags will be important at first glance. Here is a wordcloud prototype of some of the topic tags, excluding contacts, events etc. that can accumulate in any single note. (say one that contains the .pdf of a legal textbook, as an extreme case) The resulting tags form almost an executive summary, invaluable to navigating the issues involved. So once again, even being able to print the display screen of all Tags would save me dumping html captures of the same tag list off of Filterize. But why not just make a button report like the Index? Please?
  12. I stand corrected. I highlight so often from right to left, I suppose the default behavior seemed the exception. Have an upvote.
  13. I'm looking for specific Visualization recommendations or people who have created dynamic visual reports from Evernote exports based on the tag association of the notes. Word clouds are also of interest, and I see that have been discussed on the forums several times. I am a fan of using whatever works and I used to have a Mac, but now I use a Windows machine, a Android Tablet and would even use a WearOS if there was an Evernote Client.
  14. An index note would be the example, it is a new note that links and directs to selected notes. In my use case, I may "see" 200 tags indicated out of my list of 700+. I'd rather have a text file of that information than have it cryptically indicated by shadow checkbox that I need click on...200 times for a new note that isn't associated with the note structure modeled without me typing an additional text block into the new note to explain what is going on. Is that more clear? The nested scroll traps the information from copy paste text activities. I should be able to easily audit all tags used in a group selection and have it presented as a report...as per new index notes currently. I'm currently paying for the Filterize service for simple tag listings. So this isn't a small issue.
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