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  1. I find it extremely sad that Evernote did not yet create a version of it's client for Linux. However, it is a business decision and the only way they are going to change it is if their users start dropping. Less users = less money. To get more money, they will need to get their users back and how will they do that? Create a client for Linux. Rather than complaining and blaming the company, how about you little crying babies (the ones who've posts seriously sound like little crying teenagers "The world doesn't get me") do something about it. Today I installed Linux alongside Windows as I want to use Linux and I am planning to use it more than Windows. This also means that because Evernote is not available on Linux, this will be the last day I will use it (I didn't actually check if I can cancel the account but if I can I will do it). You want a client for Linux? Get rid of your account until they make one. It is a business decision for a reason. If NOT creating a Linux client doesn't affect their business, then why would they do it? OH BUT WAIT. You don't want to get out of your comfort zone to make a change... you'd rather let others take action and then benefit from it. Sounds faimiliar? -> What you guys do here is the equivalent of liking a post of facebook and you think you just helped a kid in need in Africa. Didn't actually try the apps below but found them using a google search. Springseed seems pretty good. http://getspringseed.com/ http://rednotebook.sourceforge.net/downloads.html Less whining, more doing. (I'm not talking about everyone in this thread, please do not feel targeted, unless you should feel that way. It's fine if you are just expressing your desire for a Linux client or express your disappointment. I'm talking about the ones who's posts are blaming Evernote for not "Respecting" their clients or for not considering the Linux users)
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