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  1. I do have the option on for Activate Multishot Camera on, to quickly add multiple images to a note. I turned it off, but that removes useful functionality. It takes more than twice as long to get through the same number of documents. It hasn't crashed the camera (yet) with AMC off. With AMC on, I used it for several hours this morning without issue, and then in the later afternoon the camera started freezing again.
  2. I am also having issues with my camera causing a crash. I am using the evernote app on Android, with the Motorola Moto X phone. I am scanning in images of large numbers of documents. I've been doing this for several weeks without issues. Today, my phone started crashing when taking pictures of documents - the app will freeze as it attempts to save the image. If I exit and return to the app, sometimes it is still frozen on the image, and sometimes it gives me the message "Couldn’t open the camera. Many times the only way to fix this is to reset your device." After this error, I restart
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