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  1. Thank you VERY much for listening to users and fixing the white sidebar issue. I have lived with the snow-blinding white on my MBA for months and didn't update my iMac version in order to retain the old build (grey) color scheme - now I can finally update it! Thanks a lot.
  2. Thank you for working on this - the beta client looks fantastic and the new features are extremely helpful - being able to edit elements of the clip directly in the clipper is a real time-saver. Issue: I've just downloaded and it seems as though there is no longer the ability to clip directly on a clipped youtube video image and be connected directly to that video. Let's say you have a blogpost with an embedded video, or if you're on YT itself, the page will clip properly but previously you could click the image grab that represented the video in EN and be directed to that video. It would be useful to have this back.
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