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  1. @jefito: on my desktop setup, all's fine: I find an article, clip it via Clearly, read+highlight it, then save and archive the highlighted article in EN. My problem is that there is/seems to be no similar solution for smartphones (i.e. read and highlight in a reading app, then save highlighted article to EN), and I do most of my reading on the go. A satisfying solution by EN would be either a) full integration of a reading app with EN or a reading mode in Evernote which allows highlights (will check if this has been requested; after searching the forum, I believe it has, but has not been adre
  2. Thank you very much, chirmer - appreciate your advice & great illustration! Guess I will need to start with IFTTT, then - until EN either includes a reading mode (I don't understand why they haven't) or buys and integrates Instapaper or a similar App... Cheers!
  3. After trying Evernote briefly in 2010 and abandoning it pretty quickly, I recently gave it another shot - and went Premium in under a month However, there is a major gap in my new reading-/workflow which I haven't been able to resolve: On my mobile, I read and highlight articles in an external app (Instapaper in my case), because reading in Evernote itself has several disadvantages (accidentally deleting text etc.). My problem is that I cannot save entire articles with passages highlighted to EN. When I send the Article to EN, highlights within the article are not retained. With EN Clearl
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