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  1. @jefito: on my desktop setup, all's fine: I find an article, clip it via Clearly, read+highlight it, then save and archive the highlighted article in EN. My problem is that there is/seems to be no similar solution for smartphones (i.e. read and highlight in a reading app, then save highlighted article to EN), and I do most of my reading on the go. A satisfying solution by EN would be either a) full integration of a reading app with EN or a reading mode in Evernote which allows highlights (will check if this has been requested; after searching the forum, I believe it has, but has not been adressed/implemented yet). @chirmer: you're right, Presentation mode IS quite nice for reading (but doesn't allow highlighting)... But I'm onto sth with IFTTT now: a recipe which translates the highlights within an Instapaper article into bold text in the corresponding EN note. That would be good enough for me... I guess that might be possible via HTML formatting (https://ifttt.com/recipes/102985-if-i-save-an-rss-post-in-feedly-then-create-a-nicely-formatted-note-in-evernote) - maybe I can get such a recipe set up (haven't found one - I have zero skills in HTML, but I'll give it a shot... )
  2. Thank you very much, chirmer - appreciate your advice & great illustration! Guess I will need to start with IFTTT, then - until EN either includes a reading mode (I don't understand why they haven't) or buys and integrates Instapaper or a similar App... Cheers!
  3. After trying Evernote briefly in 2010 and abandoning it pretty quickly, I recently gave it another shot - and went Premium in under a month However, there is a major gap in my new reading-/workflow which I haven't been able to resolve: On my mobile, I read and highlight articles in an external app (Instapaper in my case), because reading in Evernote itself has several disadvantages (accidentally deleting text etc.). My problem is that I cannot save entire articles with passages highlighted to EN. When I send the Article to EN, highlights within the article are not retained. With EN Clearly, this works beautifully. So my question is: Is there a reading app which allows me to read and highlight on my mobile, then save the article to EN while retaining the highlights? Is there a good workaround? (I am aware that you can send and save just the highlights as clippings to EN, but highlights without context don't help me very much). Cheers! (My apologies if this has been answered before (I could not find anything on the forum, just articles dealing with saving the highlights as such), in this case I'd appreciate a pointer.)
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