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  1. I recently added a new hard drive to my PC and put a 64-bit version of Win 7 Pro on it. I installed Evernote, and synced up my account, so it had all my synchronized notes. However, the problem starts when I create a local notebook and either place a note or create a new note within it, then make a change to one of the sync'd notes, and then attempt to exit. I have the "sync upon exit" box checked, so when I exit Evernote syncs once more before it closes. What happens though, is the sync progress bar appears and it either doesn't fill up or just partially fills up and just stalls, never completing. I don't have a huge amount of notes (500), I don't think it's too many notes. I've waited for 5 minutes, and it will keep staying there until I click "Exit Now" next to the progress bar. I checked on another device and the sync'd note DOES update, but the bar stays there on my Windows PC and Evernote never closes at all. Separately, when I'm just in the program and pressing the sync button on the toolbar, the sync completes without any issue. It's not a huge issue, but it's weird, and if there's a solution, I'd be interested. I've tried re-installing, re-downloading the installer and installing, and also clearing the appdata and re-installing, but none of that works.
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