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  1. I would love the ability to add reminders to notes directly in the Web Clipper. I've been using reminders as a way to prioritize tasks lately. So far, so good
  2. I have the Evernote for Outlook integration set up in Office365 for both my Mac desktop client as well as the web interface. Are there any plans to make this available in the Outlook (Android) app?
  3. Unfortunately not. I have multiple personal stacks.
  4. Is it possible to create a saved search that only looks at Personal notebooks? I recently upgraded to Business and would like to create a search for personal tasks. I know I could tag everything with @home or @work, but I'm wondering if it's possible to just create a search seeing as EN already has the concept of business versus personal notebooks. TIA, Aaron
  5. I'm a recent convert to Evernote and am very happy with the product overall. The one glaring exception is To-Do lists and how you interact with them on mobile. I created a Grocery list recently and headed off to the store. All was good until I went to check off the first item and found that you have to tap the checkbox to mark an item is "done". Otherwise, EN thinks you want to edit the item. This might be OK on a desktop, but when my big fat thumb is the pointer, that's asking a bit much. On the web there is the concept of inputs and labels. Selecting either will change the state of the input. I suggest that EN have implicit "Add" and "Edit" buttons on a To-Do note. This way a user's intentions are clear. Change the state of an item, edit the entire note, or add a new item. Thoughts? Sidenote: I know there are many wonderful dedicated apps for managing lists, but this seems like something EN should be able to do well.
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