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  1. Jennifer7592623032

    Comptuer broke, cannot access Personal Notebook

    It's always helpful to mention what client you are using, when asking for help. Not sure what you mean by "personal" notebook. If you are referring to a local (non-sync'd) notebook, do you have a backup? If so, then you should search the board on backup/restore for your client type. If you are referring to local notebooks but do not have a backup, the drive on which the data resides would need to be able to be read, so someone can pull the data from it. Again, exactly what data depends on the client you are using. If it's Windows, it's the exb file. If you are referring to local notebooks, do not have a backup & the hard drive on which the data is stored is not able to be fixed/repaired enough to pull the data from it, then you just kissed your local notebooks goodbye. If "personal notebook" is not a local notebook & you mean something else, you will need to be more specific. Any notebooks that were sync'd can be restored by installing the EN app, logging into the same account & syncing. Good luck. Thanks, I did mean local notebook and that's what I needed to know
  2. Hello, My comptuer has just crashed and I'm not sure how to get the notes that were located in my personal notebook back. Any informaiton on how to get these notes back would be appreciated. Thanks, Jennifer