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  1. Thanks for the direction, Dave. I either missed it when I originally posted, OR the feature was added since my original post last November. Thanks! -cmd
  2. When viewing a notebook, the reminders may be expanded and show the list of notes sorted by reminder date, but the actual sort order of the notes does not include "Reminder Date" as an option; it should. -Chris
  3. In the settings for the Outlook plugin, accessed via the pop-out dialog of the "Save to Evernote" button, add two options. Highlighted in Blue in the attached image. Add a "One-click Save to Evernote" option to allow Evernote users that use a GTD type workflow to more quickly move messages to Evernote for later processing. When the "One-Click Save" option is checked yes, the "Save to Evernote" button bypasses the clipper dialog and automatically saves the designated message to Evernote with all of the default settings -- Always start in [notebook], Always add tags, Always Add Reminder, and One-click Save to Evernote (see below). Highlighted in Yellow in the attached image. Add a Default "Reminder" setting in which the user indicates that a reminder will always be added to a new note. This is dependent upon a reminder option being added to the plugin per this previous feature suggestion: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/88885-feature-request-add-reminder-to-outlook-clipperplugin/ -cmd
  4. I rely on Evernote for *all* task management and reminders. Thus, when I send an email that I need to later follow-up on, I go to "Sent Items" in Outlook and click "Save to Evernote." It would be MUCH more efficient if the Outlook plugin added the "Save to Evernote" interface to the message authoring dialog/interface in Outlook. See attached image. Combining this with two other feature requests I am submitting would make this even more efficient: * One Click Save Option * Default Reminder Set on Save -Chris
  5. Please add to the MS Outlook "Save to Evernote" plugin the option to add a reminder prior to saving the note. Adding a reminder to a note created by the Outlook plugin requires a second, unnecessary, and inefficient step: going to the note in Evernote and adding a reminder. The Outlook plugin should enable full and complete processing of the note as it is being created rather than requiring a second step. Regards, Chris
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