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  1. I spent several hours over the last two days setting things up in Swipes for a specific project. Started implementing today and realized that Swipes wasn't syncing back to Evernote as the documentation said it would. I was looking for a way to contact their support and found a link from their Twitter account to this post: http://swipesapp.com/blog/letter-swipes-app-personal-users/. It's dated August 1, 2017, so it isn't new information. Evernote, please update your information about Swipes on your apps page. https://appcenter.evernote.com/ You still have a big article about Swipes being a Gold Winner. It would have been nice to know that they're bailing on the personal use side before I spent all of my time. And I didn't just rely on your apps page--they have nothing about this on their site either.
  2. Does anyone know if this feature will be available for the Windows version anytime soon? Thanks!
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