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  1. Thanks. I am on a retina display. How do I get it to actually make the picture 600 pixels wide then? I set it to 600 on Skitch, but it still comes out at 1200. When I try to upload it, it confirms that it's 1200 pixels wide.
  2. When I take a snap of something on my screen, Skitch is automatically blowing into a size that's twice the original snap. When I crop it and resize it back down to what I want, it looks normal. But when I go to save it, it automatically saves a version that's twice as big as I'd like. It doesn't matter whether or not I click/unclick the "Drag out at original size" box above the drag tab. If I click it, it automatically reverts back to the huge snap it did in the beginning (which isn't actually the original size of the snap). If I leave it unchecked it says it's dragging the right version, but when I open the file it's still the huge version. This has only started happening recently. Why won't it just take the snap in the original size of the screen item being captured? How can I save the snap to the size I actually want? For example, this snap I took is from a YouTube video. The video is 640 pixels wide. It saved the snap at 1280 originally. I cropped it a bit and set it to 600x331. It will only save this version - which is 1200x662.
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