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  1. (not about sorting notes, I wonder how to sort notebooks) Simply... How?..... Drag and drop doesn't even really work as they just form into notebook stacks.. or let's put it this way.. how do I sort the stacks.. ? : \ * please there is no need to discuss workarounds like putting books under a stack, and naming them 001 002 003.. this workaround doesn't even make sense what if i ever needed to insert something..?.. * I found this been discussed about but not really a solution.. so try to bring this up again..
  2. I don't know which post you referring to but that sounds like an issue of bad focusing. i.e. when you think you were just editing the text... You are on selection of a note by some weird default. Shouldn't be confused with if a shortcut makes sense no?
  3. So far my experience about Evernote is, Great idea, but terrible UI standard (at least for PC) - namely, everything is mouse mouse mouse... Something you love to use, but same time so annoyed about .. --- Nothing is more frustrating than this .. I want to make the point that a good standard is part of the productivity, and would like to raise some voice for improving the keyboard supports..
  4. Ahh never mind I've located where to do the sorting that gives me what I need for now : ) https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/36276-how-to-put-all-notes-into-date-order/
  5. I am looking for the Recent Notes tab.. .. there are some threads mentioning about it but yet I can't find it on my PC's Evernote.. It should be a simple feature and is very much needed. Am I missing something here?... (whereas there are these < and > buttons on the tool bar, but I can't find it useful at all.. first they are non keyboard accessible.. , second.. they are basically two buckets of history, instead of a traditional backward forward navigation... I really can't think of a use of it yet..)
  6. hey would really like to see this great tool to comply with some nerdy PC standards 1 - ESC on main window -> hide the main application (and leave Alt + F4 to alone for actually quitting terminating the application!!) 2 - Add an global shortcut to be able to bring up the main application -- in complement of "New Note" that brings up a new blank note. From time to time I think very necessary to still do some sorting in the main interface and I don't want to use my evil mouse.. 3 - shortcut to delete a note from the note window: say, I am scribbling (typing), I change my mind and think I can trash this. In outlook you can do Shift + Del, to delete this draft. Again in EN we have to mouse and click the trash icon.. That's all for now. I think every PC nerd would love these shortcuts : )
  7. (yes I am not talking about tab vs spacing., I am talking about the Tab key on keyboard) Basically I am complaining that I have to use mouse clicks if I want my text cursor to jump from a note's Title to the note's body.. I know it's very minor but it's really bugs me.. I was expecting that Tab and Shift + Tab would be able to do the trick (at least one way..) or is there any shortcut to focus the text cursor, so that I do't have to involve the mouse? Thanks.! ---------------------------------------------------------------- A solution "invented" by myself: I just write the title directly onto the body of the article now.. luckily cursor focuses on body by default anyways. : )
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